Could the woman’s brain/mind hold more power to get LASTING change if therapy was designed by women, for women’s brains? How would psychology be defined, if HIStory was revisited with women doing 100% of the original analysing? Could the grandfathers of psychology, simply not have been able to understand and we just ended up here because we dare not question the original hypothesis the entire industry is built on?

Could even the best methods that claim to work in the ‘root’ system of the individual, not be fathoming each woman is an eco-system, therefore explaining why women mostly revert and cycles continue? Is ‘the’ root, ‘our’ root?

Is ‘compatibility’ really such a ludicrous idea when it comes to emotional turmoil and perception issues, when we clearly know we’re different in this way as hormonally cyclic, but it’s only allowed to be acknowledged in humour, such as the 3 foot high ‘women’s ‘instructional’ manual compared to a mans being a pocket book? The term ‘crazy’ is not exactly a label given to the male, whereas more than 90% of girls have been told they are crazy before they are adults. But what if they’re not, and all this time it’s a mere misunderstanding and WE believed them and even let them create our therapies? Heck, how can endocrinology (hormones) still not be in cahoots with psychology? 

History tells us the male brain created what we use still today, or what we used evolved from those hypothesis, yet almost all ‘subjects analysed’ were female. Might they have had a fathomability dilemma to make the crude assumption that still undermines a woman’s emotional and mental empowerment be that ’emotionally-inconsistent incubators and birthers of their species’ would just be a smaller, weaker version of themselves (which they did), therefore, summarising that the universal blueprint is male? Of course this would mean methodologies are not accessing ‘our’ eco-system, that’s all.

Aren’t we so similar no one dare say what a ‘woman’ is in fear of being accussed of sexism? While mentioning biological ‘sex’ difference insinuates you’re sexist by default these days, staying silent and allowing things to stay the same, means 1.3BILLION people continue to suffer, needlessly. That’s 50% of world population born female (uterus to brain linkage), that’s 4 billion, and 1/3rd of them are needing therapy, have depression, anxiety and/or are on anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication). The torment is real and we can assume the same for our granddaughters at this rate if not it being worse. 

It turns out, according to science, that when a baby is being formed inside of a women, her unconscious mind is busy, not just multiplying and dividing millions of cells with DNA inside of them every day to recreate a human. It’s ensuring that Noona’s nobby knees and red hair and big hips are passed on in this bloodline, not to mention a wee part of the radical risk taking of great, great, great grandma Ruth’s adventurous spirit. 

What about our grandmother’s grandmother, who experienced being ‘property’ when a marriage certificate was a legal bill of sale to ensure a man’s seed was passed on. Might this have left us with something in the way of inheritance of the ‘invisible to the eye’ kind such as the ‘weaker sex’ dowry passed down to us?

Did you know only 2 generations ago women weren’t considered worthy of voting, or making family decisions for herself, so is it really silly to think powerlessness isn’t deeper than most mindset shifting methods are made to go and how they get there?  Teachings around minds and how they work, and the modalities that stemmed from these ‘A brain is a brain is a brain’ as solutions, are universal and designed by male brains. Does it take one to know one if ours is entwined with our ‘in sync with the moon’ uterus, requiring us to have gone back to the drawing board?

Isn’t psychology actually minds and brains and there’s only one version of it? What about the personal development industries’ amazing ‘instant’ healing methods? Anyone else noticed the results rarely sustain in a female? Not too likely because we don’t question origins of such things, certainly not as women dependant on experts for our health, mind, body, spirit and soul. All say universal consciousness, THE brain, THE unconscious but would a male have access to what’s needed for them?

Might the ‘less than’ ‘feeling’ be somewhere within you then that could be healed if only there was a way to undo the damage of HIStory? What about the fact that for more than 300 years being a woman who was intuitive was at the risk of death at the Sunday pre-church ‘weigh in’ if underweight, believed to be living on herbs alone? Might losing weight come with a fear that makes us comfort eat to avoid the panic of death?

Maybe not, but it’s not so incomprehensible really, is it?

It’s PROVEN that traumatic responses and even destinies such as behaviour’ likelihood such as child abuse, DV, are also increased,  (called the science of epigenetics) that police in your community can tell by your last name and your address, what to expect. They can ‘predict’ the entire lifestyle and experiences.

HOW? Because these are held as trauma memories in the DNA. Family experiences from your bloodline impact you, and may be blocking you from learning from it, because of the filters FROM it that are in your DNA memory. If they be suspended just long enough, might the wisdom be within to undo the pre-disposition? 

So because a woman’s unconscious mind not just runs her body like all unconscious minds do (as well as playing her destiny program), but additionally creates all generations of humans, might she hold more influential power to create change than she herself and this world cares to currently have us all believe?

What we certainly have evidence of now in thousands of REAL WOMEN, is that Creatrix® has a different ‘female formulated’ way of getting to ‘re-learn’ where our bloodline issues entered using the power of our own mind to see itself, and it’s sustained for the entire time since I first came up with this hypothesis.

Proofs in the pudding! So is it time yet to take someone who experienced a real life ‘wake up call’ where time stood still and all faculties were momentarily suspended, who in that moment learned a bunch of life lessons, that at 32 turned her life around and never looked back, have been able to conceptualise a way to ‘do it’ that everyone can do ‘on purpose’?

If not, women stay stuck, and the industries and gurus continue to make billions a year capitalising on this ‘female’ issue. HIStory stays on it’s path. and we go along for the ride.

Maz Schirmer


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