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Epigenetics is the newest science that proves that your genes do NOT necessarily determine your destiny. YOU have the power to change your outcomes in life. CREATRIX® was created in alignment with this science to be a fast, LONG-TERM solution to help women break entire negative cycles once and for all.

Why is Epigenetics important?

It was once (and sadly, largely STILL IS) believed that our genetics are in control of what is coming to us biologically. We all know the story of Angelina Jolie having a double mastectomy after finding out she was genetically more likely to get breast cancer. This is not uncommon, but what if you were told that your genes do not, in fact, control your destiny?

The emerging science of Epigenetics tells us exactly that. While your genetics may determine that you are more pre-disposed to a particular disease, Epigenetics has revealed that it is the environmental factors (such as diet, lifestyle choices, mental health etc.) that influence the expression of those genes, and can either “switch them” on or off. In other words – YOU have a lot more control than you might think!

Most of the medical community either don’t know about Epigenetics because it’s purposefully kept from their studies, or they are ‘old school’ and refuse to fathom it. Simply because it would debunk the foundation of belief systems in their field. Genetic Science has been looking in the wrong place for the past 50 years and missed something right under their noses that now brings hope to us all! After so much effort spent trying to see WITHIN our genes, they have been missing the most important information of all – that our genes are actually influenced by EXTERNAL factors.

How exciting to know that we are not bound to our genes! Our genes are actually ‘told’ how to function by these external factors, whether that be good or bad. There is a ‘choice’ of how they behave, otherwise referred to by scientists as ‘genetic expression’.

Keep reading and watch the videos on this page to understand this fully. This is powerful stuff and you WILL be hearing a lot more about it in the future, if you haven’t already. We pride ourselves on evolving our processes according to the newest science and information in the best interest of women. And for us women, the science of Epigenetics is so CRUCIAL!!

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Watch this short video featuring Bruce Lipton, a.k.a the “father” of Epigenetics:

Dr H Bruce Lipton PhD, a former research scientist, was one of the first to ever clone human stem cells in 1967. He says “Epigenetics is a new science and understanding that genes are not self-actualizing” – meaning genes do not turn on and off automatically – they are just blueprints, and so they are NOT the effector.

Courtney Griffins on Epigenetics:

Why is epigenetic science


In this TED talk by Courtney Griffins, she explains epigenetics in her way in just 18 minutes. She explains that during pregnancy your inner stresses definitely become a part of the ‘environment’ of your fetus and are chemically laid down in your baby’s genes. HOWEVER, it is CHANGEABLE!!!! This is the most powerful information to us as Mothers!


Isn’t that exciting?! Here at Un-Institute of Women, our CORE value is to break negative generational cycles and that’s why we are training an army of women, creating ripple effects around the world, to make it happen. 

If this excites you and gets you thinking about making a significant difference and creating a positive legacy for your grandchildren, then we NEED you!

What does Epigenetics


You now know that you are NOT fated to your genes, and that they receive instruction via your PERCEPTION of the world. When we change our inherited perceptions, as well as our own perceptions, in effect, we change our inner being.

Your DNA is not your destiny. In fact, by changing the environment (inside the body and outside) you can literally re-code your genes.


So… how do we change our inherited perceptions?


With Creatrix®, of course! 

Creatrix® was innovated with the science of Epigenetics in mind, and is a powerful way to rapidly manipulate those external factors that have an impact on her gene expression… in the BEST kind of way! With CREATRIX®, you can undo the damage that is causing negative cycles to perpetuate, and you can recreate your destiny and even more importantly – that of your children.

Simply put, Creatrix® breaks generational cycles by drastically shifting a woman’s perception of her life for the better.

Our ability to nurture and NOT pass on our ‘issues’ and our ‘stresses’ is what will break generational cycles creating a better, cleaner DNA for generations to come.

While the medical world might be searching for a ‘drug’ solution, we have created an entirely ORGANIC solution – no drugs necessary – for a fast, painless, freeing, powerful, deep AND enjoyable transformation. And most of all, it raises your EQ (emotional intelligence) AND intuitive intelligence.

You don’t even have to understand the science of epigenetics in order for Creatrix® to clear out your sabotaging old conditioning that is likely causing you to be stuck in a cycle. It works on everyone and anyone who is willing to partake in this beautiful, painless and actually enjoyable releasing process.

Creatrix® FREES a woman from her innermost blocks and negative mental/emotional patterns.

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Are you ready to start changing the lives of women with this cutting-edge transformation tool?


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