What is Creatrix and How Does it Work? – A type of emotional wisdom gaining therapy, that uses a visualisation process as it’s framework, causing ‘realisations’ not able to be perceived in any other way, that reframe reality, healing women at their core from emotional torment from past events, allowing her to move on and enjoy life. 

Creatrix® works on ALL issues (regardless of severity or significance) as all issues require perception shifting through what was likely missed in early age events that jolted them into shock before they were mature enough to be assessing, warping the healthy calibration of right/wrong and good and bad. 

 This causes the raising of emotional intelligence to be there if needed, only ‘sustainable when realised by the biological female as it’s literally her ‘female’ biology that was causing modalities and therapies that caused the results to be temporary and women to revert more easily than males.

To be sure the wisdom integrates deeply enough across all systems holistically, for sustainability, the must be gained by unquestionably intended characters, acquired through the minds of specific characters and multiple perception angles involving time and not of the bloodline. 

This is achieved through specific characterisations in a plausible but nonsensical story, when all faculties are suspended, disassociation and time within a bloodline is suspended, and all other ‘conditions are in place. This removes all possible interfering influences from getting between the woman and the wisest of personalised wisdom, only she needed, but not even or could know. 

The innovative uniqueness of the design of Creatrix® causes irreversible reframing, that transfers into the unconscious mind (not needed to be remembered by the conscious mind even when triggered), causing dramatic, fast, painless, safe transformation and emotional healing in women, and resetting deeply within their nervous system.

The process ensures she’s safely coccoon’d away from anything emotionally triggering, and the suspension of ALL perceptual filters from the past and present (Un-hypnotising her from past perceptions that were adopted over time), including bloodline events (Epigenetics) in case they were influential or causing the perspectives. 

These have to be suspended for females, due to her female body having a uterus, whose job it is to install bloodlines into generations, because it’s what has been blocking her from lasting, permanent wisdom.

Then, her unconscious mind (not her creating it), outside of even their influence, presents an ‘event image’ to her (yes it’s very clever and does this on it’s own), a learning scenario just for her, (with no one she can even possibly know, in fact she wasn’t born yet in the story) that causes a flood of realisations, personalised wisdom, (life-lessons if you will), that raise her emotional intelligence until the event is no longer emotionally painful and harmful to THAT particular, specific, essential character. 

It’s not learnt in the way knowledge is normally learnt, which can be ‘swayed’ as soon as we’re back in environments, rendering the knowledge temporary, not really ‘true’ at all after all, adopting her old beliefs again, due to the same environment influencing her. Seemingly sabotaging her ‘modalities’ but it turns out, it was just that the modalities weren’t designed for her ‘female’ design, to get past the genetic bloodline knowing unconscious mind of the female. Bloodline type therapies, weren’t sustaining because they missed certain perceptual positions essential to be filterless.

The way they’d been seeing life events in the past, led to their emotional crippling, warped self valuation and exaggerated stress responses, in the actual way they would have seen them, if their right, wrong, good & bad understanding was calibrated correctly to begin with. Regardless of how it’d happened. They see themselves, others, events as wrong, or bad in a way that’s not true. Not much of how we see any of these things is actually true anymore, so the unbalanced, influenced perceptions, require removal of the influencing factors, including self, familial patterns, nature and nurture, cultural, societal, people they’re trying to please, ALL influences to be suspended, for truth to recalibrate them, which is 100% always in favour of their wellbeing and overall health.

So that the learnings needed, are COMPLETELY ADOPTED, across all that we are, so WHO’S HEARD OF A WAKE UP CALL, where someone is never the same afterwards, like they just ‘get it’ now and achieve what they otherwise wouldn’t have? That’s because they were jolted into reality and their faculties hadn’t caught up with yet, being the filters they’d ALWAYS seen life through before. 

If modalities were’n’t working for women as deeply as this, with all of this factored in to the design, it meant I needed to find what was stopping it. 

AH THE EPIGENETIC ENGINE ROOM is inside the women, so what worked well for men in a permanent way, would cause women to revert almost all the way, it just wasn’t STICKING, wasn’t fully being adopted as reality. It was band-aiding, and women were being blamed for it, as if not ‘doing’ what they were told, or were ‘sabotaging’, when it was the failings of unisex formulated modalities not considering the difference within the design of the female.

So Creatrix® framework positioning and set of conditions, then specific questioning through varied perceptual positioning angles and times, that causes the person to UNDO, to UN-HYPNOTISE themselves from OVER TIME ADOPTED WARPED PERCEPTIONS, back to reality and balanced perspectives.

It’s a methodology designed TO FIRSTLY, strategically suspend them into a state, time and place, but it’s not enough to simply meditate, or imagine from different perspectives like family constellations, or have them learn universal wisdom from some imaginary archives such as akashic records. 

Epigenetics is ‘genetics’ to our UTERUS RUNNING ENGINE and it’s too smart for all of that, because it knows the truth of where it comes from and how it works. 

It KNOWS all of our bloodline, seeing as it’s responsible for ensuring the next generations are OF THE bloodlines. Anything less than Creatrix ‘secret sauce’ components, is temporary, or not the amount of wisdom to integrate holistically. 

Women being EMOTIONAL BEINGS, means we feel emotionally, worse than physically at times, so the power of that meant safety and temporary disassociation had to be really QUALITY, built with the secret sauce elements not being compromised. 

It’s a very complete framework, for any woman to get ALL wisdom she specifically needs, on ALL and any issues, even if she can’t see a way out, and has had the issue as long as she can remember. 

Being wisdom gaining that was required Maz Schirmer said, it couldn’t be wisdom gained from anyone else, or what someone THOUGHT they needed to learn, it HAD to be what only THEIR genetic engine room ‘driver/instructor’ (G.E.R.D.I) KNEW they needed to learn, that not her, nor any professional, not even the wisest guru on the planet could know she needed. To think we could know, is the epitome of arrogance and ignorance. 

To learn it completely, the G.E.R.D.I is the only one/part of her to know the exact metaphorical scenario they needed presented as an event that a complete array of wisdom could be gained from. Usually very simple and at first seemingly an impossible task, but with a Transformologist who knows how to guide her to extract them, the process is successful 100% of the time, with 100% of the women accepted into the program who is ‘ready’ for it and screened for no mind altering influences that could affect the work. 

CASE STUDY – Far from rocket science, a woman who’s sin was having enjoyable feelings while being molested as a small child by 2 ‘fat’ (her words) men, her UM chose a boy who’d stolen an apple in ancient times for her wisdom to be extracted from, as he mistook the event to mean he became ‘bad’ and must repent, and suffer for it, for the rest of his life. 

She was a 35 year old woman who spent her life in terror of being found out, cutting herself, anorexic, believing she was dirty, hating herself, deserving of strong punishment. In fact, having painful sex after her cervix was surgically removed due to cervical cancer, she wouldn’t tell this man that it was painful so he could stop, in case he left her, anyway. She said anyway, she deserved it, as it might move her towards the debt of sin being paid so she could be free one day. 

She couldn’t instil boundaries, cut herself for much of her life, felt disgusting with the slightest fat on her body, also realising that when skinny, people assumed she was sick and would give her attention as she was bullied and no friend at school. She sabotaged her relationships. When a friend seemed slightly off, she’d assume she’d done something wrong and felt like the world was going to end, literally. In that moment she went into a terror state, reacting out of proportion to the event.

Molested from 3 years old till in her teens, she grew up without ever knowing for sure it wasn’t her fault.

Her unconscious mind presented an image of a small boy, early in her bloodline, who’d stolen an apple, for her wisdom gaining process, which contained a SUITE OF LEARNINGS she needed as the small boy realised all HE needed to learn from that event, AS A CHILD. 

It seems too simple, yet her unconscious mind choosing this ‘first’ event as the one that caused the root of her innocent sin,  reframed 31 of 35 years spent believing she was pure badness who deserved extreme suffering to pay a debt, to be ludicrous, even to her. She left the session laughing, giggling and smiling, an extreme contrast to how she began, sharing dark secretive thoughts and confessions, afraid not even Creatrix could help her as she’d tried many things.

In following up, she was feeling much better, not postponing breakfast, even feeling it would be cruel to do that to her body.

Creatrix® is the brainchild of Marylin Schirmer, called Maz by many and known through her mis-spelled birth certificate spelling of Marilyn in many articles online.

Maz was born in Flying Fish Point, North Queensland Australia, and is said to have believed it was possible to design due to herself experience a ‘wake up call’ in which time had stood still, and her faculties were not yet back in her body, and in that moment, she saw reality, realising she had to change or her and her and her kids would not be alive.

Maz turned her own life around on a dime as a 32 year old, shy, unemployed, single mother of 4, living in emergency housing, having fled into hiding with numerous domestic orders in place, no help left available to her, going on to earn millions in her own right, transforming her life financially,  personally, and professionally. Maz is now a great grandmother, having designed Creatrix® due to noticing her kids and herself were following family patterns, regardless of desire to do the opposite, and that women in business seeking personal development, reverted, hypothesising they needed a deep therapy process, as well as personal development to occur. This set her on a mission of determination to create one when she realised there was nothing that was working effectively and sustainably.

Maz started training her Creatrix® Transformologists in 2013 when she launched Institute of Women International, rebranded in 2023 as Un-Institute of Women® and has licensees using her Intellectual Property and simple systems, all around the world.

Learn about the program at womens.business/ctap or take her Entrepreneur PinkPrint® Profiling Test at success.win/PP or book a Transformologist® Enquiry call at womens.business/ctap-call and you’ll be sent a free viewing of the documentary IMPACT, in which Creatrix® stole the lead role, through it’s performance in what was meant to prove the results of Coaching over 12 months.

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