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Maz Schirmer CIO Women’s Magazine Cover Story (Dec 2023)

Maz appears in and on the cover of the December 2023 issue, as one of CIO Women’s Magazines ‘Admired Women Leaders in Education’. Maz was asked to share her story and the future she sees for women, that has the potential to change the entire landscape of the psychology and personal development industries, helping women heal their past, and break the cycles that run deep. Maz suggests at the root of most females seeds a deeper issue merely from having been born female, inheriting the remnants from a ‘less than’ empowered, patriarchal history, left scarred into the psyche’s of women and that her Creatrix® Therapy, and way of delivering it (everyday women to everyday women) is the way of the future. CLICK HERE for the FULL Story.

Impact Movie Cover
APAC Cover Un-Institute of Women

APAC Insider Cover Story

After winning Most Innovative Empowerment Program – Creatrix® – At the APAC Enterprise Awards 2023 (Australia), Maz Schirmer and Un-Institute of Women were featured with a cover and feature story in APAC Insider.

Creatrix® Features in Hollywood Film

In 2018, Maz received a phone call from some documentary film producers in Hollywood who were looking for a modality that they could feature in their film ‘IMPACT’ – one that would actually live up to the name of the movie and demonstrate transformational results for the women featured in the film.

Maz ended up flying to Hollywood for filming, and Creatrix® was featured in ‘IMPACT’ for the powerful breakthrough method that it is.

Impact Movie Cover
The Creatrix Method Book

The Creatrix® Method Book

Meet 44 Real, Everyday Women Who’ve broken free of their internal struggles using this ONE method… Creatrix®.

Raw and vulnerable, they share what most women would never disclose – their deepest emotional and mental insecurities, and how they BROKE FREE not just FAST and painlessly, but for GOOD!

Profile Magazine Cover Story

Maz Schirmer was featured on the cover of the ‘Health and Happiness’ issue of Profile Magazine, acknowledging her achievements with Un-Institute of Women (formerly known as Institute of Women International, as referred to in this article).

Click to read and learn some interesting facts about Maz, her incredible vision and the legacy she is building to help women all around the world break free from their emotional chains!

Profile Magazine Cover Promo
Telstra Womens Business Awards Maz Schirmer

Telstra Womens Business Awards Nomination

After also being a nominee in 2016, Maz Schirmer was again a nominee in the 2018 Telstra Women’s Business Awards, making it to the second round in the category of ‘Purpose and Social Enterprise Award.’ A huge achievement – well done Maz!

Multiple Winner at 2017 Stevie Awards

A big congratulations to Marylin (Maz) Schirmer who was announced GLOBAL WINNER in 3 categories at the 2017 Stevie Awards for business, held in New York City.

The winning categories were:

  1. Most Innovative Company 2017
  2. Women Helping Women 2017
  3. Entrepreneur of the Year 2017
Maz Stevie Award Winner

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