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To ensure your Transformologist® is operating safely to a code of conduct, a duty of care and using the current, latest updated teachings. If you can’t find her here, she is NOT an authorised member with Un-Institute of Women™.

All our independent Creatrix® Transformologists® operate on an annually updated membership agreement to ensure they are meeting relevant industry and company standards. We take this very seriously – and so should you!

If your facilitator is NOT on this list, please contact us IMMEDIATELY if they say they offer you Creatrix® on 1300 642 010 or admin@instituteofwomen.com, as this could mean they are operating ILLEGALLY and unsafely.

Tell-tale signs you have a non-authorised facilitator or coach using our UNIQUE process outside of our STRICT OPERATING GUIDELINES and membership conditions, is that they will take your mind through a meditative kind of story in a one-on-one experience (in person or via phone or internet). Due to our amazing results, we do have copycats from time to time.

Memberships are renewed annually and retrained every 2 years. Help us protect this amazing process as it’s powerfully transformative and we are passionate about maintaining the integrity of our Transformologists® for the higher good of ALL.

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To use this search, simply start typing the name of the person you wish to verify, and if their name appears they are accredited with us. If their name does not appear, please contact us immediately.

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