1. Never have to work on that issue again. Works with the deep psychology & Physiology of females and knows the elements of lasting change they specifically need, so she gets the transformation every time, to ensure permanence.This brings her referrals without trying.

2. 1 Framework Method for ALL issues. Regardless of how long it’s been there or what else they’ve previously tried.

3. No Teaching to have to learn.

4. No ongoing Coaching Levels to get through (It’s done once, and done)

5. Client is own Rapid Wisdom Gaining Machine – Comes out smarter than a guru. They could write a book.

6. Educates while healing, re-solves, re-frames, re-codes, re-learns, re-wires brain, re-sets the nervous system, re-leases energy and darkness, which if only doing that like many NLP techniques, it leaves a gap for it to regenerate. For LASTING RESULTS.

7. Raises Emotional Intelligence – future proofing. Wisdom is always there to call up, but not needed to be remembered like PD. It’s all done, over red rover.

8. Doesn’t revert, it’s completely resolved, so she’s now coachable.

9. Has Therapy and personal development built into it, so she can coach herself.

10. Breaks deep, generational, resistant patterns for good.

11. Designed fundamentally, from the ground up.

12. On the cutting edge, winning Global Enterprise & Innovation Awards.

13. Female Formulated! Made exclusively to the science of the biological female. Have to have a uterus and ovaries fuelled body for it to work, whereas NLP and other processes were foundationally created by men in times were it was only designed for men.

14. Heals trauma.

15. Raises Emotional intelligence so it doesn’t come back, helping them when you aren’t there to help, and they are wise self-coaches if re-triggered, so it’s a preventative .

16. Understands and can navigate the 7 signs of in-session sabotage to get 100% outcomes.

17. Does it without talking about the stories.

18. Can’t pick up the bad energy, done the work so it can’t.

19. Be-comes a Transformologist, doesn’t ‘do’ it. Embodies the belief system of someone without all the industry beliefs, imposter syndrome and no control over their ’empathising’ which makes them dumber.

20. So complete it removes the need for therapy or personal development.

21. Works across unconscious/conscious, mind/body/soul/spirit, the 3 Triune Brains.

22. Removes stress, anxieties and negativity that was part of why they needed those things.

23. Simple to guide and control with the right pre-screening and training.

24. Speedy, otherwise taking years, with the beliefs of a therapist, coach or trainer sometimes slowing it down. 24. Is modeled from natural, seen occasionally in a spontaneous wake up call after a sudden ‘time stands still moment’. A download of reallisations happens, giving resolve.

25. Safe, Deep and systemised.

26. Puts the power back in the clients hands. This empowers them to make every decision in life differently if she chooses.

27. She can read people, even noticing slight mismatches in congruence to stop it ending up at sabotage.

27. Has business advisors and client support on hand.

28. Is encouraged by her supportive training and innovator of the program, to continue to have in-house sessions and practice so she’s always in her most powerful state.

29. Has a safety net.

30. Access to a business.

31. Year round mentoring by Multi-Million Dollar Woman successful at business over a few decades, leading startups to $32M yet started as a single mum with no experience WHO designed Creatrix, the Transformologists Magic Bullet framework. This mentorship means she’s always following shortcuts that were devised from someone else learning the hard way. Any question ever about anything, she can help.

32. Was trained almost 1:1 intensively with 6-10 client sessions overviewed with feedback every time.

33. Ongoingly supported.

34. Works autonomously, is independent as much as she likes, but has a global sisterhood of being about to get 100% results too.

35. Can offer a money back LASTING guarantee.

36. The ripple effect of her, continues for the rest of her life, affecting every day

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