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Empowering female leaders, coaches, therapists and influencers to transform women, and teach the psychology of women to empower them in a sustainable way. 

Too many business success gurus and programs claim to specialise in women, but are using male-formulated, “one size fits all” solutions such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other conscious, logical and cognitive mind strategies.

Although there is a lot to be said for these solutions, they often simply fall short for women – leaving them feeling frustrated and in need of something more, even after spending up to $100,000!

These processes just don’t fit our female circuitry, in the same way that iPhone apps don’t work on an Android phone. We women are complex, intricate beings and often these techniques don’t get to the root cause of our issues – because they’re simply not designed for our minds.

This is where we beg to differ… 

We Specialise in Women!


We’ve designed a unique program – The Creatrix® Transformologist® Accreditation Program – with breakthrough tools JUST for women that ‘fit’ us to perfection.

Our tools work BETTER than anything you will have tried or are currently using for your female clients. The key difference is that we factor in the scientifically proven, biological differences of our amazing female brains, our hormones (chemical-inducing emotions), and how we function psychologically and behaviourally.

Our SIGNATURE process is called Creatrix® and is THE method that women have been waiting for to achieve LASTING results. Within our Program you will experience the incredible transformational power of Creatrix® for yourself.

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We teach you to facilitate powerful and LASTING transformations in women, that you can actually GUARANTEE.

In other words, we teach you how to set women’s hearts FREE to create a living, a lifestyle, and a LEGACY.

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“Hi sister revolutionist. I invite you to join me in turning women’s lives around FOR GOOD.”

Maz Schirmer Founder Uninstitute of Women

I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling or rewarding than changing women’s lives for the better by transforming the mindsets, thoughts, insecurities, and emotions that don’t serve them.. do you, too?

MYTH: It’s a long, slow process to heal our hearts and leave our past behind so we can create and enjoy an empowered and content life.

FACT: There IS a process that can achieve DEEP, FAST, and LASTING results for women, and it’s my very own brainchild… Creatrix®. Healing from the past no longer has to involve re-living your story and spending thousands of dollars on different modalities to feel free.

There are 3 things I know very well:

  1. Women
  2. What causes lasting transformation (Transformology®)
  3. What creates business results for women!

Why do I now CRAVE to train women to empower others? Because, although I NOW run 3 successful businesses and get to live an abundant life empowering and leading women to success and happiness in the personal development industry, it wasn’t always that way.

I was quite screwed up – lucky to be alive, in fact – for the first 30 years of my life. I was a single mother of 4 little kiddliwinks. Struggling on the pension. Suffering domestic violence. Living in fear. Hiding for 400 days… I could go on and on.

But I turned my life around on a dime due to one of those freakish, unexpected life-altering wake-up calls that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

What I do wish on women, is to rapidly bring them their unique life-learnings just like I got DURING my wake-up call. That’s exactly what we can teach you to do for YOUR CLIENTS through the incredible processes I’ve developed exclusively for women.

“We women have been trying to run Android software inside our iPhones for way too long.

It’s time we had something that wasn’t mostly left-brained and formatted logically, spatially and sequentially to solve the creative and emotionally-charged problems that are common in females.”

– Maz Schirmer

Creatrix Transformologist Program
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If you are a woman who is wanting to make a profound IMPACT in this world, our revolutionary female-developed tools are for YOU. 

Our signature program – the Creatrix® Transformologist® Accreditation Program – is centered around the cutting-edge breakthrough process, Creatrix®. It is ideal for coaches, therapists, healers, or really anyone working with women to help them break through their mental and emotional blocks.

Our methods and teachings encourage you to work WITH your unique female design (rather than against it) and we teach techniques that have been dubbed “the future of psychology for women”, to reach DEEP LEVELS of fulfillment and success – for both you AND your clients.

If you want to break through to the next level of success in your business AND you have a passion for empowering and transforming lives for GOOD, then this program is for you.


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What is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is a female-minded breakthrough (healing) experience that sets a woman free of her mental & emotional ‘blockages.’ It wipes out the issues that stop a woman feeling great about herself and in control of her life. It’s fast, pleasant and instantly transforms a woman at her CORE, revealing the real her and her unlimited potential!

What Does It Do?

It TRANSFORMS women’s minds so they can let go of the past, release limited thinking, stop negative head chatter, break sabotaging cycles, perform better, make better choices, feel internally strong & confident, become self-aware, feel worthy & empowered… just to name a few outcomes!

What Do Others Say?

One client called it “Emotional Botox” (She looked years younger after Creatrix®). Another called it “Emotional Rehab” (She was cured of her habitual emotional outbursts). Another client called it “as miraculous and powerful as a cancer cure would be, but this is for women struggling emotionally instead, which affects more of the population.”


This is What’s Most Important To Us…


Financial, mind, and heart FREEDOM for women. Healing the scars and breaking the chains of inherited oppression – in line with women’s personal values and motivators – through training and accrediting women to teach our cutting-edge concepts.

Earn While You Learn

Make money to pay for your program, BEFORE you even finish your training!

Breaking the Cycle

Completely. Future generations rely on us, so we think on behalf of your children and theirs. Transformology® is what we need to learn to get breakthroughs with 100% results and Creatrix® is the tool that evolved from Transformology®, so you can use the one process on all issues. It can’t be more simple than that!

Life - Lifestyle - Legacy

To us, sustainable empowerment for women is about creating a life, lifestyle and a legacy – for both those being empowered and the women leading in the industry.

Experience What You Learn

We remove YOUR blocks while teaching you to do so for others, so that you are clear and able help other women without burnout, year in and year out.

We Value Men Equally

It’s just that we know women better. We even created a male version of Creatrix® – Innovatrix® – which had to be modified to suit the male brain. Just proving that we each need something unique!

Win Win Win!

Without reservation. We won’t ask anything of you that we wouldn’t ask of our own grown children.

Inside-out Education

Conscious and Unconscious, mind/heart/gut level – your own inner wisdom is where you learn from, we just help you tap into it, SAFELY. We heal your heart to reframe your mindset for success, which releases the accumulated stresses from the body and empties the mind of incessant chatter that blocks being able to listen to the gut instinct – which is our gift!

Female Minded Strategies

Women have needed something different, because we process things differently. We need a ‘software’​ designed accordingly. And THIS is the value that resulted in the birth of Creatrix®!


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