Maz Schirmer Un-institute of Women

We Help Women in Business More EASILY Succeed & Additionally, we Certify Women to Set Women Free of Stress & Limitations using Creatrix®.

We Teach Simplified, Proven Ways of Succeeding & Unblock Women from Sabotage.

Creatrix® is for Women Wanting Excellence & Permanence in Mindset Shifting for Theemselves or their Clients, Delivered Safely & Fast.

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Money Back Guarantee Creatrix Program

Who Are We and what programs do we offer?

Varied programs to help WOMEN IN BUSINESS and LeadHERS (women empowering women) who feel restricted in some way, to get out of their own way, but also run their businesses more successfully utilising their god given design as a woman.

We also certify women to Unblock women from stress and self-recognised worth levels in our unique deep inner wisdom gaining process, Creatrix®, that works on ALL issues for LASTING outcomes. It’s simple to facilitate, and simple for the women you want to help and needs NO previous skillset, other than an open mind and a desire to help people and follow a proven method.


Our Signature AWARD WINNING Creatrix® Facilitator Program

  • 100% Deliverable Online

  • No Previous Experience Needed (Integrity is more valuable)

  • Completely Safe

  • No Teaching or Coaching as the Method Does it ALL for you.

  • Full 3 Tier Support (Your Creatrix, Business & Your Clients)

  • Systemised, Simple Program

  • Working for Yourself (Not MLM)

  • Limitless Creatrix for you personally
  • Exclusive ‘Success Unblocking’ Breakthrough
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Maz Schirmer and Girls


Calmly and confidently, introduce women to what inner freedom really can be, even when she doesn’t believe it’s possible! Blow Minds with results no one’s ever achieved in this LASTING way before, for WOMEN & needs to be available for women are ready to leave the past in the past, heal and move forward!

We’re women from 24 countries, who utilise this ONE OF A KIND systemised approach with our clients, work for ourselves, but, are too passionate and blown away by the results not to get together and cause a revolution, to ensure Creatrix® is available for the women to come, should they need or want healing or empowerment.

If not us and now, then who and when?

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Science Met Spirituality to Create a NEW WAY.

Get accredited to help women GAIN DEEP INNER WISDOM, IN A WAY THAT transformS them, deeply at their core, FOR LASTING CHANGE.

Learn how to guide women safely to suspend her faculties LIKE IN A NATURAL WAKE UP CALL MOMENT, while she creates her gains the wisdom only she needs.

When resolving issues at this level, Creatrix® brings a woman home to who she truly is beneath her troubles and self perceptions.

Safely, rapidly, and sustainably raise women’s self-esteem, confidence, creativity, emotional intelligence, AND intuitive intelligence and have the most rewarding, fulfilling career. Let’s make a difference! Within just 16 weeks, be offering Emotional Regulation and Self Empowerment Resets. to women while we support you even with your clients.

You’ll be getting lasting results unseen in women so quickly and profoundly even using the most modern methods of today because Creatrix® is designed from an original hypothesis and thinking.

Is it possible to do the deeply fulfilling work of healing women’s hearts, and build a wildly successful business doing it, EVEN IF YOU COME to us with YOUR own blocks TO REMOVE FIRST?!

YOU BETCHA!!! Even without experience, although anyone is welcome to apply, we only accept the women open minded enough to Creatrix® any of their industry related beliefs that may sabotage client outcomes with something that promises what they pay us to resolve, is the LAST DOLLAR they’ll ever spend on that block or issue they come to us for..
An example of a limiting industry belief is ‘healing is slow or impossible’, ‘you will always need help on this issue’ because we defy these beliefs every. single. day, even guaranteeing our results. As a leader in this space, you must be willing to risk that you may have more to learn, and that some of your ‘truths’ are just beliefs, that can even hold you, as a leadHER back from helping more people, more profoundly. You can USE Creatrix for your own unblocking, and create a bigger impact, as long as it starts with self ownership, even as the guru to others. Weigh up your overall legacy, versus pride. If your legacy is bigger than your pride, we can seriously unblock you to your actual destiny.

In her first 12 months, Robina earned 7 times her investment, using Creatrix® as her only service, retiring her husband from the mines, so they could live travelling. What’s your dream?

We Won!

MOST INNOVATIVE Female Personal Development Program 2023

at the APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards!

3 x Award Winner

at the 2017 Stevie Awards for business

in New York City!


Money Back Guarantee Creatrix Program

If in the first 28 days – (or prior to attending the practical live training) you are not blown away at the original content and choose to leave, we’ll refund you.


Lasting Results Guarantee Creatrix

You will be able to offer your clients a 12 month GUARANTEE that their results will last!

Our Mission

To Free and Empower Women TO success, for the Good of Humanity

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Our Vision

We care passionately about people and believe that by releasing suppression, past conditioning and inhibitions from women, the world will be a better place – filled with more love and happiness.

We deliver powerful and complete success solutions to women through transformative processes, educational courses and empowerment tools to restore women’s innate power to positively impact the people and the world.

Our Values

> Permanently breaking negative generational cycles

> Igniting women’s innate power to lead and create a successful Life, Lifestyle and Legacy by providing quality facilitators

> Empowering women with the tools they need to thrive

> Gifting children with calm control, and well-balanced role models

> Harmonious homes and relationships

> Lifestyle and Financial Freedom for Women

> Support for Women who choose to step up in Leadership

> Intra-Support for our quality facilitators to feel confident and uninhibited

> Setting women free from suppression

> Everything we do is for the good of you, your circle of influence, UIW, the community, future generations and the planet

Our Philosophies


Life / Lifestyle / Legacy <

Life without Limitations <

Through the Women, we will Change the World <

Quality over Quantity <

Keep It SIMPLE <

Morality over Integrity <

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